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Cruise vs. Island Resort

Cruise vs. Island Resort

Are you currently trying to decide whether you want to take a cruise or stay at a resort on an island? If so, read on as I give you my personal pros and cons of each. I’ve personally done both – a cruise twice and […]

Barcelona on a Whim!

Barcelona on a Whim!

I’ve been lusting to travel to Europe since my college days. Even to this day, I could spend hours scrolling through travel destination pictures on the ‘gram. I’ve done your typical Florida trips and winter break islands but I wanted something bigger and better. So […]

Montserrat – Spain

Montserrat – Spain

You know when somebody says “pinch me, is this even real?” That’s exactly how I felt when I arrived to the top of Montserrat. This was by far one of my favourite experiences about travelling to Spain.

Now I’m not much of a hiker and neither is my mom but even she said it was her favourite part of our trip to Barcelona. Not going to lie though, the second I knew I was going to be traveling to Spain I headed to Gatineau to explore their hiking trails so I could practice not dying on a hill LOL.

The huffing & puffing was so worth it. You need to see Montserrat!

P.S we passed by a few couples with babies strapped to their back so if they can do it, you can too!

The Need To Know

Getting From Barcelona to Montserrat:
– Take a train from Placa Espanya Station going towards Manresa (Line R5)
– It takes 1 hour
– From our hotel to the train station, we took the metro and it was super easy &     saved us a lot of walking.

Buy your tickets at the machines! I say this because you can actually pick what type of ticket you want. If you go to the ticket office, they usually have you buy the packages. There was also attendants right at the machine that helped you if necessary. I recommend you buy the Trans Monserrat ticket choosing Rack Railway then buy a single ticket for Cable Car (once at the Cable Car Station).

Options to the Top:

Cable Car: AKA the best way to go! There’s only two cars that travel back and fourth so the line may seem long but it goes by really fast because it only takes 5 mins to get to the top. It is the quickest route. For those questioning it, trust me when I say those 5 minutes are worth every penny. The view is undeniably breathtaking. For this option get off the train at the first stop – Aeri Montserrat. From there, you walk down the stairs to the cable car station.
Cost: €7 one way / 10.30 return

Rack Railway: This is a slower option that takes about 15 mins to the top with ok views. Still nice but not THAT nice. To get here, get off the at the 2nd Montserrat stop – Monistrol Montserrat.
Cost: €5.95 one way / €9.90 return

Trans Montserrat Ticket:
Best bang for your buck!
Costs €31.80 and it includes your train ticket to Montserrat (€20.10 return value), funiculars (€9.90 return value), and either the aeri cable or rack railway. You have to choose which you’d like to do when purchasing the ticket (cable car vs rack).
We bought the trans ticket, chose rack railway but then bought a single one way ticket for the cable car.

Why do this!?
I didn’t want to miss out on the cable car views on the way up but also didn’t want to be stuck standing on the train back to Barcelona for one hour. Since the rack railway is the last stop on the train, it’s the first stop to head back to Barcelona so that means you get the best chance to grab a seat for the 1 hour ride back. The train was packed and I was so thankful to be sitting down after our hike.

Whether it’s the cable car or rack railway you take back, look into their return times to see when’s the best time to head back to catch the train. The train runs almost every hour so you don’t want to be stuck waiting at the station for too long but you also don’t want to be rushing it.


As mentioned, both my mom and I are not hikers but we managed to get a lot done!

We took the Sant Joan funicular up and from there decided where we were going to hike too. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the Sant Jeroni hike, taking you to the highest peak but we passed on it because we are beginner hikers and weren’t sure how we would be during a 3-4 hour hike.

So what hike did we do? We don’t even know LOL.

Once you get off the funicular, you will see a map of the trails and then signs pointing to them in their corresponding directions. I wish I could tell you guys which trail we even did because it was beautiful but I don’t even know what the name of it was. What i can tell you is that once we got off the funicular, we went in the left direction up and around a hill. We ended up stopping at so many amazing viewpoints. (That cross in the above pictures, ya we were there!)

The trail ended up leading us right back to town. The hike took around 1–1-1/2 hours. Next trip up there, Sant Jeroni hike – you are mine!!

Have you ever been to Montserrat? Let me know your experience! 

Travel Bucket List

Travel Bucket List

I finally hit 25 in November and I feel like I have yet to make a dent in my travel list! HELP ME. But in all seriousness, I’m about to hit the ground running. I don’t want to waste anymore time sitting around pinning destinations […]