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Music Artists To Listen For!

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I’m a really big music fan. I listen to music all day. Driving to and from work, at work, while cooking, getting ready, and so on. You get the point. My favourite thing is discovering new rising artists or songs. You know, before they hit the mainstream radio where their songs are overplayed and become overkill! I enjoy so many different types of genres, which keeps my music library so full and diverse. My all time fav goes to Queen RiRi though! Rihanna can do no wrong in my eyes but that’s a whole other story.

If you’re like me and love music, check out my favourite artists in 2018 so far!

Artist: Harrison Brome
Genre: Alt, R&B, Dance
Favourite Songs: Body High, 9 to 5, Boy, Jaded
Spotify Channel HERE!
Artist: Sabrina Claudio
Genre: R&B
Favourite Songs: Unravel Me, Belong To You, Tell Me, Confidently List
Spotify Channel HERE!
Artist: Jorja Smith
Genre: R&B
Favourite Songs: So Lonely, Carry Me Home, Teenage Fantasy
Spotify Channel HERE!
Artist: SZA
Genre: Alt R&B
Favourite Songs: Garden, Broken Clocks, Drew Barrymore, Doves in the Wind
Spotify Channel HERE!
Artist: Khalid
Genre: R&B
Favourite Songs: Saved, Coaster, Therapy, Winter
Spotify Channel HERE!
Artist: Sinead Harnett
Genre: Soul, Alt R&B
Favourite Songs: I Want It With You, Unconditional
Spotify Channel HERE!

R&B not your cup of tea?
Check out my favourite artists from these genres below:

I hope you this helped grow your playlists! Let me know what your favourite genre of music is or fav artists! 

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