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Favourite Beauty Youtubers

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All throughout high school I wasn’t one to wear much make up. My dad thought it wasn’t necessary (major eye roll). Then came college and I wanted to try the whole makeup thing out. So I found my way on YouTube to watch makeup tutorials. Fast forward 5+ years, and I still enjoy watching my favourite beauty vloggers.

Here are my top 5 favourite beauty Youtubers:

P.S Click their photos to bring you right to their Youtube page 🙂 


Karen aka Iluvsarahii

Where do I even start with her?! First off, I followed her on insta for the longest time. Within the last year or so, she just started up a YouTube page, which I was super excited about. Her looks are always fire. From her make up to her outfits – FIRE. I repeat, fire!

What I love about her is she’s so diverse when it comes to eye looks. She’s always trying something new or coming up with these great looks I have yet to see. I find a lot of Youtubers have the same make up “look” tutorials so she’s the perfect person to follow in order to spark some creative inspo. Plus, her and her boyfriend do some joint videos together (usually challenges) and they’re hilarious as a couple.

Desi Perkins

Ok first things first: her lookbooks always have me SHOOK. I watch for her make up tutorials but I always replay those damn look books. Her sense of style is impeccable. It’s like she doesn’t even try and ends up looking so fab. She’s also really funny, honest, and real!

Her hubby and her have another channel dedicated to their trips and vlogs, which I’m also obsessed with.

Katy aka LustreLux

Ok now this girl is funny. I find when I watch her videos I feel like I’m watching my friend on YouTube. She seems so down to earth and her tutorials are always great. Plus her and Desi are bff. Go check out their squad trips. The girls and their hubbies are squad goals.

Nicole Guerriero

Nicole was one of the first beauty YouTubers I actually stumbled upon. I started watching her back in college so it’s been a while now! She’s always honest about her reviews and isn’t one to push a product for a pay check. My favourite thing about her channel is her Halloween makeup tutorials. Honestly, her creativity and talent is mind blowing!

Shayla aka Makeupshayla

I just recently started following Shayla on YouTube and I love her! Her personality is down to earth-bougie chick, which I love because I feel like that’s so me haha! Her makeup looks are always fab. I also feel like she’s super real too. She has no shame if she isn’t into the product she’s reviewing. Shayla tells it like it is, which is great for the viewers!


I feel like there are so many great beauty gurus out on YouTube right now – tell me who you think I should start following! 

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